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Dance offers a world of excitement, fun, and self-expression for students of all ages. Through dance, we engage our bodies, our senses, and our emotions to create a beautiful, exhilarating art form.

Dance builds physical fitness, self-confidence, poise, and discipline that last a lifetime. Our classes also teach students valuable skills in team work, and expose them to the world of fine arts and music,
from classical through the modern age.


Scroll through our classes section, and explore our wide variety

of class offerings in all genres for children, teens, and adults.  


Visit our instructors page to learn more about our experienced teachers, their dedication to their craft, and their commitment to our students. And scroll below to learn more about our founder -

dancer, teacher, and choreographer, Zoika Garcia.


Start dancing today - and discover the wonderful world of dance at ZOIKA'S DANCE!


Zoika Garcia is the founder of Zoika's Dance in St. Augustine, Florida. A professional dancer, choreographer and teacher, Zoika is a former principal dancer with the National Opera of Cuba and Capezio Ballet of Bolivia. She has travelled extensively as a dancer and choreographer, participating in festivals and winning awards at international competitions in ballet and contemporary dance genres. Zoika is the former artistic director and choreographer of Capezio Ballet in La Paz, Bolivia, and the former owner, artistic director, and choreographer of ZoikaDance in Guatamala.


A native of Cuba, Zoika attended the Superior Institute of Art in Havana, where she earned a Master’s Degree in Ballet and Fine Arts with honors.  She continued her studies as a teacher, dancer, and choreographer, receiving a post-graduate teaching degree in Ballet and Character Dance Methodology, and a certificate in Musical Theater and Dance from Opera Lyrical of Cuba.  Zoika is also a Certified Fitness Instructor and personal trainer with in-depth knowledge and experience in conditioning for dancers. Always growing as an artist, Zoika is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Choreography at Jacksonville University.


As a teacher, Zoika has taught ballet at the school of the National Ballet of Cuba and the Superior Institute of Art in Havana, Capezio Ballet Studio in Bolivia, and ZoikaDance in Guatemala. 
In the United States, Zoika has choreographed and taught for the Saint Augustine Ballet. 

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