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Join us today and become a Sponsor!

As a mission-driven organization, Zoika's Dance is committed to sharing dance and arts performance experiences with children in our community, including children who might not otherwise be able to attend. We have partnered with local nonprofits, St. Augustine Youth Services, the Betty Griffin House, Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, Deafinite Movement, and Fostering Connections to provide tickets for children served by the organizations to attend our performances. Our sponsors make this possible through their generous financial support. Together we work to create beautiful, original productions and a loving community that builds each other up.

Please join us and become a sponsor today! We love to celebrate our sponsors on social media, in our performance programs, and on our website. To join our sponsors in making a difference in the lives of local children, please fill out our Sponsor Form, here. To view the additional benefits we offer our sponsors and our corporate sponsorship form, please click here.


Feel free to call us to discuss any form of sponsorship that would work best for you at (904) 342-5920.

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